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Today: 36

1. Failure to produce a programme-not exceeding. £100

2. Any team wearing kit not deemed suitable by the match day officials.£50

3. Any team wearing kit not displaying the required two arm-patches in the correct position. £50

4. Failure to confirm the match details to the visiting club. £25

5. Failure to confirm match details to the referee, assistant referees and fourth official via COMET including full kit colours (and full goalkeeper kits) within 48 hours 5 days of scheduled match (Home) and 3 days of scheduled match (Away). £50

6. Failure to verbally notify the referee, assistant referees and fourth official in case of match being postponed.£30

7. Late presentation of team sheet to the referee – (per minute after prescribed time.) £3

8a. By late arrival causing the kick-off to be delayed- not exceeding… per minute after advertised time.£5

8b. Late leaving dressing rooms - not exceeding… per minute after advertised time.£5

9. Failure of a member club to be represented by two relevant representatives at an Annual General Meeting, any Special General Meeting of Clubs or any Meetings as called by the FAW or League from time to time.£100

10. Failure to reply to correspondence within 7 days without good cause.£25

11. Causing a delayed kick-off by exiting the dressing room late – not exceeding per minute.£5

12. Failure to display sponsor’s boards in the agreed positions (per match.) £100

13. Failure to use the required match-balls (if balls are supplied) – (per match.) £50

14. Clubs must ensure that sufficient personnel are on duty to secure a speedy and safe return of the ball to the field of play. N/A

15. Failure to provide the required representation at media / commercial events.£50

16. Failure to notify host club in advance if not attending post-match meal.£25

17. Each club must make the Manager and requested players available for interview with Sgorio within 20 minutes of the final whistle. Failure to do so will result in a (see relevant Tier fine column) fine per offence. £50

18. Providing the minimum number of official match balls at home matches. £30

19. Only the official Macron match-balls shall be used in Ardal league matches during season 2021/22.  A fine of up to £1,000 will be served for non-compliance during a live TV game and up to £500 for any other Ardal Northern match. Clubs should not write on official match-balls.

20. Any clubs ‘subscription that hasn’t been paid by 31st July shall be fined, for any month or part of a month that the subscription remains unpaid.£20

21. Any club playing an ineligible player will have up to 3 points deducted from its record and be liable to a fine not exceeding…£100

22a. Failing to allocate shirts with two additional squad numbers.N/A

22b. Failing to allocate unmarked blood shirt.N/A

23. Failing to comply with FAW kit regulations shall lead to a fine of up to…£1000

24. Failing to adhere to match postponement procedure administration shall be liable to a fine not exceeding;£25

25. Failure to deliver post-match details on time shall be liable for a fine of up to;£15

26. Any club without just cause failing to fulfil playing engagements shall be deducted 3 points, be liable for reasonable expenses and be fined a maximum of; £1000

27. If a club wishes to resign from the League after being accepted at the League AGM and before completing its fixtures, it will be fined a maximum of;£2000

28. If a club wishes to resign from the League at the end of the season, it must do so by 1st April each year and will be fined a maximum of; £2000

29. Any club which applies to join a league outside the Welsh Pyramid System, prior to 28th February without informing the League Secretary of its application will be liable to a fine not exceeding;£1000

30. Home clubs are required to input live match details into COMET. Failure to comply with this requirement shall lead to a fine of (per offence.)£50

31. Three appropriately designated seats are to be provided at each ground for each side for dismissed or suspended Managers. It shall be the home team’s stewards responsibility to ensure that the correct seats are utilised unless the dismissed/suspended Managers choose to return to the dressing room out  of view of the pitch. Failure to comply with this requirement shall lead to a fine of; (per offence).N/A

32. Three home and 3 away bibs to be placed appropriately opposite the technical areas to assist efficient substitutions. Failure to comply with this requirement shall incur a fine of (per offence) N/A

33. The unauthorised recording of conversations between club personnel and match officials shall incur a fine of (see relevant Tier fine column). N/A

34. The Board shall retrospectively reserve the right to fine clubs up to…(per offence) for the use of foul language if evidence is provided. £50

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